Sally Herbert

Composer / Writer / Producer / Arranger

Mumford and Sons / Camila Cabello / Florence and the Machine / Ellie Goulding / Plan B / Elvis Presley / Roy Orbison / Ed Sheeran / Usher / Jess Glynne / James Morrison / Flo Morrisey / Duffy / Will Young / Foxes / Rosie Lowe / Rudimental / Lianne La Havas / Max Jury / Jackie Evancho / Girls Aloud / Chloe Howl / Willy Moon / Bat for Lashes / Daley / Maverick / Sabre / Jess Mills / Nerina Pallot / Dido / Pixie Lott / Cee-Lo / Robbie Williams / Travis / Kylie / Manic Street Preachers / Zero 7 / Kate Nash / Muse / Sarah Brightman / Russell Watson / Camilla Kerslake / Katherine Jenkins


Manager: Jess Plummer



Orchestral, Vocal and string arrangements


Elvis Presley

'Christmas with Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’ Orchestral Arrangements  

(RCA, Legacy)

roy orbison.jpg

Roy Orbison

‘A Love So Beautiful with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' Orchestral Arrangements


(Sony Music, Legacy)


Liam Gallagher

'As You Were' String and Brass Arrangements


(Warner Bros. Records)

Sally - Callum Scott.jpg

Calum Scott

Forthcoming music (String and Conductor)



Sally - Florence 1.jpg

Florence & The Machine

Album ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ (String, brass and woodwind arrangements, orchestrator and conductor )



Sally - Florence 2.jpg

Florence & The Machine

Album 'Lungs'



Sally - Florence 3.jpg

Florence & The Machine

Album 'Ceremonials' 



Sally - Lianne .jpg

Lianne La Havas

Single ‘Unstoppable’ (String and brass arrangements)



Sally - Jess Glyne.jpg

Jess Glynne

Album ‘I Cry When I Laugh’ (String Arrangements)



Sally - Will Young.png

Will Young

Album ‘85% Proof’ (String Arrangements and Conductor )



Sally - Rudimental.jpg


Albums ‘We the Generation’ &  ‘Home’ (String arrangements and conductor)



Sally - Max Jury.jpg

Max Jury

Single ‘Great American Novel’ (String arrangement)



Sally - Nerina Pallot.jpg

Nerina Pallot

Album ‘The Sound and the Fury’ (String arrangements)



Sally - Foxes.jpg


Arrangements on forthcoming album



Sally - James Morrison.jpg

James Morrison

Arrangements on forthcoming album ‘Higher Than Here’




Arrangements on forthcoming album



Sally - Rosie Lowe.jpg

Rosie Lowe

Arrangements on forthcoming album



Sally - Plan B.jpg

Plan B

Number 1 album ‘The Defamation Of Strickland Banks’, which includes single ‘She Said’



Sally - Olly Murs.jpg

Olly Murs

Track ‘Dear Darlin’ on album ‘Right Place Right Time’




Jimmy Somerville

Album ‘Homage’ String Arrangements and Musical Director (Strings)


(Cherry Red/Membran)

Sally - Florence 4.jpg

Florence & The Machine

Arrangements for album ‘Live at The Royal Albert Hall’



Sally - Leon Else.jpg

Leon Else

Forthcoming Album



Sally - Sarah Brightman.jpg

Sarah Brighton

Forthcoming Album ‘Dreamchaser’ (Co-producing & Arrangements)



Sally - Russel Watson.jpg

Russell Watson

Arrangements on album ‘La Voce’



Sally -Alfie Boe.jpg

Alfie Boe

Arrangements on album ‘Storyteller’



Sally - The Vamps .jpg

The Vamps

Arrangements on album ‘Meet The Vamps’



Sally - Jackie Evancho.jpg

Jackie Evancho

Programming and arrangements on forthcoming album ‘Awakening’



Sally - Kodline.jpg


Album ’Coming Up For Air’ arrangements



Sally - Friar Alessandro .jpg

Friar Alessandro

Arrangements on album ‘Voice from Assise’



Sally - Girls Aloud .jpg

Girls Aloud

Single ‘Beautiful Cause You Love Me’ off Greatest Hits



Sally - Etienne Daho.jpg

Etienne Daho

Album ‘Les Chansons de L’innocence’



Sally - Big Pink.jpg

Big Pink

Album ‘Future This’



Sally - Ellie Goulding.jpg

Ellie Goulding

Album ‘Halcyon’



Sal;y - Bat For Lashes.jpg

Bat For Lashes

Album ‘The Haunted Man’



Sally - Nerina Pallot 2.jpg

Nerina Pallot

Album ‘Year Of The Wolf’



Sally - James Morrison 2.jpg

James Morrison

Album 'The Awakening' 



Sally - Katherine Jackson .jpg

Katherine Jenkins

Album 'This Is Christmas' 



Sally - Cee- Lo.jpg


Track ‘No-one’s Gonna Love You’



Sally - Sarah Brightman 2.jpg

Sarah Brighton

Tracks ‘Angel’ and ‘Ave Maria’


(Simha LLC)

Sally - Pixieloft.jpg

Pixie Loft

Arrangements on album ‘Turn It Up’ including single ‘Cry Me Out’



Sally - Kate Nash.jpg

Kate Nash

Album 'My Best Friend Is You'


(Future Records)

Sally - Camila Kerslake .jpg

Camilla Kerslake

Album ‘Camilla Kerslake’ (Co-produced, string and vocal arrangements)



Sally - The Priests 1.jpg

The Priests

Album 'The Priests'



Sally - The Priests 2.jpg

The Priests

Album  'Harmony'



Sally - The Priests 3.jpg

The Priests

Album 'Noel'



Sally - Raidohead.jpg


Album 'In Rainbows'



Sally - Duffy.jpg


Album 'Rockferry' 



Sally - Howling Bells.jpg

Howling Bells

Album 'Radiowars'



Sally - Glasvegas.jpg


Album 'Cruel Moon'



Sally - White LIes.jpg

White Lies

Album 'To Lose My Life...'



Sally - The Count and Sinden.jpg

The Count & Sinden

Album 'Mega Mega Mega' 



Sally - Sharleen Spiteri.jpg

Sharleen Spiteri

Album 'Melody'



Sally - Robbie Williams .jpg

Robbie Williams

Album ‘Escapology’ including singles ‘Feel’, ‘Come Undone’ and ‘Sexed Up’



Sally - Zero 7 1.jpg

Zero 7

Album ‘Simple Things’ 



Sally - Zero 7 2.jpg

Zero 7

‘When It Falls’ including singles ‘I Have Seen’ and ‘Summersault’



Sally - Travis 1.jpg


Album 'Ode To J Smith'



Sally - Travis 2.jpg


Album ‘The Boy With No Name’ including the single ‘Closer’



Sally - Travis 3.jpg


Album 'The Man Who'


(Sony Epic)


Manic Street Preachers

Album ‘Send Away The Tigers’ including the singles ‘Your Love Alone Is Not Enough’, ‘Autumn Song’ and ‘Indian Summer’



Sally - Manic Street Preachers 1.jpg

Manic Street Preachers

Single 'Everything Must Go'



Sally - Manic Street Preachers 3.jpg

Manic Street Preachers

Single 'This Is The Truth'



Sally - Manic Street Preachers 4.jpg

Manic Street Preachers

Single 'Know Your Enemy'



Sally - Angus and Julia Stone.jpg

Angus & Julia Stone

Album 'A Book Like this' 



Sally - Stephan Fretwell.jpg

Stephen Fretwell

Single 'New York'



Sally - Natalie Imburglia 1.jpg

Natalie Imbruglia

Album ‘White Lilies Island’



Sally - Natalie Imbruglia 2.jpg

Natalie Imbruglia

Album 'Counting Down The Days’



Sally - Tina Turner .jpg

Tina Turner

Album 'All The Best'



Sally - Idlewild.jpg


Album ‘The Remote Part’ including the single ‘World In Your Arms’



The Tears

Album ‘Here Come The Tears’ including the single ‘Refugee’



Kylie Minogue

Album 'Impossible Princess'




Album 'A New Morning' 


(Ultimate Dilemma)


Album ‘On Your Side’ including the single ‘Lay Lady Lay’



Deep Purple

‘Live At The Albert Hall With The London Symphony Orchestra’ performances and album

Siouxsie Sioux

‘The Dream Show’ 23 tracks arranged for orchestra live at the festival hall with the Millenia Ensemble, performances and DVD


(Spitfire/Eagle Rock Entertainment)

Additional arrangements for bands including: 

Ocean Colour Scene, Jimmy Somerville, Kenesis, Toploader, Babybird, South, Cousteau, The Veils, Long-View, Dexy's Midnight, Runners, Darius, Funeral For A Friend

Recording, live & TV Work Includes:

Radiohead, Kate Nash, Manic Street Preachers, Masive Attack, Ed Harcourt, Super Furry Animals, Texas, zero 7, John Cale, David Axelrod, White Lies, Muse, Paul McCartney, Bernard Butler, David Gray, Starsailor, Lisa Stansfield, The Boo Radleys, Nick Drake, Jools Holland Big, Band Ray Lamontagne, Duffy, The Doves, Spiritualised, Bog Brovaz, 3 Colours Red, Nerina Pallot, Bjork, Snow Patrol, Stereophonics, Elbow

Recording for film Includes:

Fever Pitch, The Tribe, Broken Glass, Jude, Peggy Sue, Death of a Salesman, Carravagio

Additional recordings and live performances with bands including: 

Paul McCartney, John Cale, Massive Attack, Jools Holland Big Band, Nick Drake, Snow Parl, Elbow, David Gray, Texas, David Axelrod, The Doves, Super Furry, Animals, Bjork, Stereophonics, James `blunt