Spearheaded by David Holmes, in collaboration with composer/producer Keefus Ciancia, and songwriter-vocalist Jade Vincent, Unloved are a band born of 60’s girl groups and classic film scores.

Unloved owe their existence to happenstance. David Holmes, who was in Los Angeles working on a film score, was introduced to Keefus Ciancia, who was also working on film score. Keefus invited David to The Rotary Room where Jade Vincent sang.

It was a right time, right place kind of thing - like meeting a total stranger from your hometown in a foreign country, a language thing. Artists from different places who speak the same language, the language of cinematic music, of Jack Nitzsche, of Morricone, Nino Rota, of the electronic sounds of Raymond Scott, an amalgam of vocal instrumentalists and fearless raconteurs, of Edda Dell’Orso, Ruth White, François Hardy, Connie Francis, Brigette Fontaine, Jacques Brel, Elvis and Lee Hazlewood.

At The Rotary Room in Los Feliz. The regular Tuesday nights saw a collective of great musicians join as informal ensembles, Woody Jackson (Red Dead Redemption), Gus Seyffert (Beck, The Black Keys), Jay Bellerose (T Bone Burnett) and Deantoni Parks (John Cale), with Holmes DJing between each band. 

All the while Holmes, Ciancia and Vincent were experimenting, re-interpreting their favorite music. Nights bled to later nights, all nighters. Conversation spun into collaboration. David and Keefus found sound and programmed beats, sonic themes wrangled and tamed, creating a landscape passed to Jade for melody and for lyrics, songs of lament and confession.

The Unloved trio formally came together as a band at the legendary Vox Studios, Hollywood. Helmed by composer Woodrow Wilson Jackson III, in a studio almost original to its beginnings in 1936, a rotating cast of musicians arrived to realise the Unloved vision.   


Manager: Gunther Walker



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This Is The Time - Single



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Guilty Of Love Album



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When A Woman Is Around 12 (Digital)

When A Woman Is Around 12 (Limited Edition Red Vinyl)


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Guilty Of Love EP



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Guilty Of Love (Andrew Weatherall Remixes)


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