leo abrahams

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Producer / Writer / Composer / Artist / Guitarist

Regina Spektor / Hayden Thorpe / Goldfrapp / Ghostpoet / Belle and Sebastian / Editors / Paolo Nutini / Frightened Rabbit / Wild Beasts / Karl Hyde / Oscar and The Wolf / David Byrne / Brian Eno / Jon Hopkins / Sam Amidon / Emmy the Great / Hotei / Seamus Fogarty / Sam Lee / The Editors / Diagrams / The Van Jets / Ed Harcourt / KT Tunstall / Merz / Marianne Faithfull / Carl Barat / Josephine Oniyama / Kill It Kid / Brett Anderson / Chris Difford / Iarla O Lionaird / Olivia Chaney / Charlene Soraia / Sophia Brous / Yasmine Hamdan


Manager: Charlotte Maher



Hayden Thorpe

Album ‘Diviner’ (Produced)

(Domino Recordings)

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Album ‘Songs You Make At Night’  (co-mixed)


(Full Time Hobby)

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Regina Spektor

Album 'Remember Us To Life’ (Produced)


(Warner Bros.)



Album ‘Silver Eye’ (Additional Programming)





Album 'Violence' (Produced)


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Paolo Nutini

Album ‘Caustic Love’ (Co-wrote / Produced)
(Tracks 'One Day', 'Fashion', 'Superfly' and 'Numpty')





'Dark Days + Canapés' (Produced and Mixed)




Belle And Sebastian

EP 'How To Solve Our Human Problems' (Produced)

Tracks 'A Plague On Other Boys' & 'The Same Star' (Produced) 

 'Fickle Season' (Additional Production)


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Seamus Fogarty

'The Curious Hand' (Co-produced and Mixed)



Sam Amidon

Album 'The Following Mountain' (Produced and Mixed)



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Yasmine Hamdan

Album ‘Al Jamilat’ (Co-produced)


(Crammed Discs)

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Sam Lee

Album ‘Fade In Time’ (Co-wrote/Produced)
Tracks 'Blackbird', 'Bonny Bunch of Roses', ‘Lovely Molly, ‘Willio O' and,  'Johnnie O'the Brine'


(The Nest Collective)

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Oscar and the Wolf

Album ‘Entity’ (Additional Production and Mix)

Album 'Infinity' (Additional Production)



LA- Wild Beasts.jpg

Wild Beasts

Album ‘Present Tense’ (Co-produced)



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Album ‘New Beginnins’ (Co-wrote/Produced)
Tracks ‘Kill or Kiss’, ‘Into the Light’, 'The Living'



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My Dreams Dictate My Reality (Additional Production)                                                                                                                  

Tracks ‘I Come In Peace’ & 'Monster Love’


(Because Music)

LA- Diagrams.jpg


Album ‘Chromatics’ (Produced and Mixed)

(Full Time Hobby)

LA- Raving George.jpg

Raving George

Album ‘You’re Mine’ (Produced)



LA- The Van Jets.jpg

The Van Jets

Album ‘Welcome To Strange Paradise’ (Produced)


(Sony Music)

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Olivia Chaney

Album ‘The Longest River’ (Produced)



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Karl Hyde

Album ‘Edgeland’ (Co-wrote, Co-produced and Mixed)



LA - Frightened Rabbit.jpg

Frightened Rabbit

Album ‘Pedestrian Verse’ (Produced)



LA-Brian Eno and Jon Hopskins.jpg

Brian Eno & Jon Hopkins

Album ‘Small Craft On A Milk Sea’ (Co-wrote and Co-produced)



LA- Brian Eno & David Byrne .jpg

Brian Eno & David Byrne

Album ‘Everything That Happens Will Happen Today’ (Co-produced / Engineered)                                                                          

Track ‘Strange Overtones’ (Co-wrote)



LA- Carl Barat.jpg

Carl Barat

Album ‘Carl Barat’ (Co-wrote / Produced)


(Arcady Records)

LA- Brett Anderson 1.png

Brett Anderson

Album ‘Black Rainbows’ (Co-wrote / Produced)


(BA Songs)

LA- Brett Anderson 2.jpg

Brett Anderson

Album ‘Slow Attack’ (Co-wrote / Produced)


(BA Songs)

LA- Chris Difford.png

Chris Difford

Album ‘Cashmere If You Can’ (Co-wrote / Produced)


(Saturday Morning Music Club)

LA- Hunger.png


Film score for ‘Hunger’ with David Holmes (Co-wrote / Engineered)                                                                                            

Winner of Director’s Prize at Cannes Film Festival


(Film Score)

LA- Josephine.jpg


Album ‘Portrait’ and Tracks ‘A Freak A’, ‘Last Minute’ and ‘Portrait’ (Produced / Co-wrote / Mixed)


(Ark Recordings)

LA- Leo Abrahms .jpg

Leo Abrahams

Album ‘The Unrest Cure’ (Writer / Producer / Performer)                                                                                                          

Featuring KT Tunstall, Ed Harcourt, Brian Eno, BIngo Gazingo, Foy Vance, Merz, Pati Yang and Pheobe Legere



La- Iaria.jpg

Iaria O'Lionaird

Album ‘Foxlight’ (Co-wrote / Produced)



LA- Beth Rowley .jpg

Beth Rowley

Track ‘Just A Little Lovin’ (Dusty Springfield cover) (Producer / Performer)



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Leo Abrahams

Albums ‘December Songs'‘Scene Memory’ and ‘Honeytrap’ (Writer / Producer / Performer)


(Various Labels) 

LA- Smoke Fairies.jpg

Smoke Fairies

Album ‘Through Low Light and Trees’  (Produced)



LA- Sparrow and the Workshop.png

Sparrow & The Workshop

Album ‘Splitting Daggers’ (Produced)


(Distiller Records)

LA- Kill It Kid .jpg

Kill It Kid

Album ‘Feet Fall Heavy’ including single ‘Pray On Me‘ (Produced)


(One Little Indian)

LA- Astrid .jpg


Album ‘Pulse’ (Produced)


(One Little Indian)

LA- Paolo Nutini 2.jpg

Paulo Nutini

Track ‘One World’ on John Martyn covers album (Produced)


(Liaison Music)