david wrench

Producer / Mixer

Frank Ocean / The xx / Jamie xx / FKA Twigs / Glass Animals / Blossoms / Goldfrapp / Jungle / Pixx / Let’s Eat Grandma / Richard Russell / David Byrne / Sampha / Caribou / Hot Chip / Joe Goddard / Nick Murphy / Jagwar Ma / Bloc Party / Holy Fuck / Tei Shi / Stevie Parker / Empress Of / Moodoid / Bleeding Heart Pigeons / Arc Iris / Swim Deep / Shura / Beth Orton / Gwenno / Georgia / Bat For Lashes / Toy / Everything Everything / James Yorkston / Ardyn / Factory Floor / White Lies / Mapei remix of Jungle / Manic Street Preachers remix


Manager: Charlotte Maher / Assistant: Justyna Piatkowska





Single 'Sleepwalking' (mixed)



Let’s Eat Grandma  

Album ‘I’m All Ears' (Produced & Mixed)  

(Transgressive records)


David Byrne

Album 'American Utopia'  (Mixed)



Richard Russell

'Everything Is Recorded' EP tracks 'Everything Is Recorded' & 'Be My Friend' (Mixed)


(XL Recordings)


The xx

Album ‘I See You’ (Mixed)


(Young Turks)

Frank Ocean

Track 'Self Control' (Mixed)


(Boys Don't Cry)

David Wrench-Caribou.png


Album 'Our Love' (Mixed)

Album 'Swim' (Mixed)

Album ‘Andorra’(Mixed)

Album ‘Caribou Vibration Ensemble’ (Mixed)


(Merge Records)


Album 'Silver Eye' (Mixed)




Album 'Blossoms' (Mixed & Additional Keys)



David Wrench-Sampha.png


Single ‘Timmy’s Prayer’ (Mixed)

Album ‘Process’ (Mixed)


(Young Turks)

David Wrench-Jungles.jpg


Album 'Jungle'  (Mixed)


(Young Turks)

FKA Twigs

Album 'LP1' (Mixed)

EP 'M3LL 155x'  (3 Tracks Mixed)


(Young Turks)

Hot Chip

Album 'Why Make Sense' (5 Tracks Mixed)

EP  'Dancing In The Dark'  (Mixed)



David Wrench-Glass Animals.png

Glass Animals

Album 'How To Be A Human Being' (6 Tracks Mixed)

Single 'Life Itself' (Mixed)

Album 'Zaba' (Mixed)


(Caroline Records)

(Caroline International/Wolf Tone)

(Wolf Tone)

Jamie XX

Track ‘Gosh’ (Mixed)

Ballet ‘Tree Of Codes’  scored by Jamie XX (Mixed)

Track The xx - 'On Hold' (Jamie xx Remix) (Mixed)

(Young Turks)

Chet Faker / Nick Murphy

Track ‘Fear Less’ (Mixed)


(Future Classic)

Jagwar Ma

Track ‘So Ordinary’ (Mixed)


(Marathon Artists)

White Lies

 Album ‘Friends’ (Mixed, Additional Production and Additional Keys)




Tracks: 'Life Happens', 'Throwing Stones', 'Together', 'Bloom' (Mixed)




Album ‘Nothing’s Real’ (9 Tracks Mixed)


(Interscope Records)

Beth Orton

Album 'Kidsticks' (Mixed)





Album ‘Age of Anxiety (Mixed)



LA Priest

Album ‘Inji' (Mixed)



Factory Floor

Album '25 25' (Mixed)


(DFA Records)

Tei Shi

Album 'Crawl Space' (Mixed)


(Downtown Records)

Bloc Party

Album 'Hymns' (Mixed)


(Infectious Records)


‘Don’t Wait (Jungle Remix)' (Mixed)


(Downtown Records)

Arc Iris

Album 'Moon Saloon' (Mixed)


(Bella Union)


Clear Shot (Produced and Additional Synths)




Album 'Caught In Still Life' (4 Tracks Mixed)



Manic St Preachers

‘Design For Life' (Remix)


(Sony Music)

Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Album 'Is' (Mixed)




EP 'Dark Blue' (Mixed)


(Terrible Records)

Empress Of

Album Me (Mixed)


(Terrible Records)


Album Sometimes 2015' (Mixed)



Sarah Blasko

Album Eternal Return' (Mixed)



Bob Moses

Album Days Gone By' ( 7 Tracks Mixed)




Album ‘This Chemical Sea' 


(Faction Records) 

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders

Album  Playmates' (Mixed)


(Fat Possum Records)


Album ‘Azel' (Mixed)


(Partisan Records)


Swim Deep

Album Mothers' (Mixed)


(Banquet Records)

Phillip Selway

Album Weatherhouse' (Mixed)


(Bella Union)


EP Alchemy' (Mixed)


(Aesop/ Columbia)

White Hills

Album Walks For Motorists' (Produced & Mixed)


(Thrill Jockey)


Album ‘The Worry' (Mixed)


(Future Classic)

Owen Pallet

Album ‘In Conflict' (3 Tracks Mixed)




Album ‘Let’s Go Extinct' (Produced & Mixed)


(Blue Horizon Ventures)

James Yorkston

Album ‘I Was A Cat from A Book' (Produced & Mixed)


(Domino Recording Company)

Alessi's Ark

Album ‘Time Travel' (Produced & Mixed)


(Bella Union)

David Wrench-Georgia Ruth.jpg

Georgia Ruth

Album ‘Week of Pines' (Produced & Mixed)


(Sain Plus)

Zun Zun Egui

Album Katang' (Produced & Mixed)


(Bella Union)

Young Knives

Album Sick Octave' (Mixed)



David Wrench-Bear In Heaven.jpg

Bear In Heaven

Album I Love You, It’s Cool' (Produced & Mixed)



Race Horses

Album Furniture (Mixed)

Album Goodbye Falkenburg (Produced & Mixed)


(Stolen Recordings / [PIAS])

(Fantastic Plastic Records)

Bat For Lashes

Album ‘Two Suns' (Engineer)



Everything Everything

Album ‘Man Alive' (Engineer)


(Geffen Records)

Jackie Leven

Co-Produced & Mixed 14 Albums including ‘Defending Ancient Springs' and ‘Gothic Road’


(Cooking Vinyl)

Brain Donor

Julian Cope


Album ‘Love Peace & Fuck’ (Recorded & Mixed various Tracks)

Various Tracks (Engineer and Mixed)



Y Niwl

Album Y Niwl' and EPs (Produced & Mixed)


(Aderyn Papur)

Euro Childs

Album Miracle Inn (Co-Produced & Mixed)

Album Bore Da (Co-Produced & Mixed)


(Wichita Recordings)

Kathryn Williams

Album ‘Crown Electric' (Engineered & Mixed)

Album ‘The Quickening' (Engineered & Mixed)


(One Little Indian Records) 

Richard Barbieri

Album ‘Things Buried' (Engineered & Mixed)


(Intact Records) 

David Wrench-The Blueskins.jpg

The Blue Skins

Album ‘Word Of Mouth' (Engineered & Mixed)


(Domino Records)